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NEW: Plastic, the Environment & Ecobricks

A Guidebook designed for introducing ecobricks to your community or group.


“Why Ecobrick?  What’s the big deal about plastic anyway?  Why shouldn’t I just burn it in the ditch?”  This presentation/booklet hits the big questions about plastic head on.  It lays the ground for not only teaching how to Ecobrick, but most of all why it’s an awesome solution for plastic.  Print as a booklet, or project as a powerpoint– this presentation is designed to spark discussion on the undiscussed realities of our plastic world…

Plastic, the Enviroment and Ecobricks – Beta v0.9.2 PDF (24MB)




Plastik, Lingkungan, dan Ecobricks Presentaci

Ketika plastik dibuang, dibakar atau ditimbun, mereka meracuni bumi, udara dan air.  Ketika kita menyimpan, memilah, dan ‘membungkus dalam botol, kita bisa membuat batako ecobricks yang bisa digunakan kembali. Bersama kita dapat membangun kawasan yang hijau yang akan menyuburkan lingkungan dan masyarakat.

Plastik, Lingkungan, dan Ecobricks v0.9.3 – BETA PDF (24MB)



The Vision Ecobrick Guide

Designed for teachers, principals and community leaders.  Get started Ecobricking right– Mobilize your home, your school, your community, the school board, towards  a collaboration powered, zero-cost, start-today, solution to pollution.  Presents a full description of the ecobricking process.


Cover Eng 31

All you need to get started Ecobricking!  Designed especially for teachers, principals, and administrators to  mobilize classes, schools and school boards.  The VEB Guide is the culmination of two years of extensive R&D with dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of schools in the Northern Philippines.  The guide  presents the ecological context of Ecobricks, the power of Ecobricks to raise  consciousness, and the techniques to both pack and build.   The document is designed to be easily photocopied, emailed and shared.

Vision EcoBricks Guide – V3.2
(PDF 5.9MB )




Bahasa Indonesian

 Cover BAHASA 31Panduan Visi Ecobrick

Menggerakkan Imajinasi dan Kolaborasi untuk Membersihkan dan Menghijaukan Rumah, Sekolah, dan Lingkungan Sekitarmu.

Panduan Visi Ecobrick – V3.2
Now available for public download!
(PDF 7MB )








French / Francais

VEB Francais

Vision Écobriques Guide – Francais / French

Susciter de l’imagination et créer de la collaboration pour nettoyer et assainir notre maison, notre école et l’environnement de notre communauté.

(PDF 7MB ) – Vision Écobriques Guide








The first edition of the Vision Ecobrick v 3.2 Guide is now available in Nepali.
Vision Ecobrick Guide in Nepali:

िभजन इकोब्रीक गाईड आनो घर, िवद्यालय र समदाय सफा अिन हरभरा बनाउनका लािग कपना, सहकाय तथा पिरचालन ।
भिजन इकोब्रीक गाईड – संस्करण ३.२.pdf









Japanese VEB Guide
Vision Ecobrick Guide in Japanese:

ボトルに詰めれば、 繰り返し何度でも
できるのです。 わたしたちの町と環境を

Download PDF v3.2 / v1.4 (6.7MBs)













CG small2The Vision Ecobrick Construction Guide

What to do with all your Ecbricks?  Once your school is well underway Ecobricking, this guide is for you!  The Ecobrick construction outlines the essential concepts of bottle building– from making cob mortar, to hexagon bench modules, to getting your garden green.  This pre-release Guide is not yet complete.  It is being released due to overwhelming demand from schools that have amassed hundreds of  Ecobricks and require immediate guidance on what to do with them.  If you have Ecobrick construction experience, we’d love to get your feedback, comments, and content for this guide.

Vision EcoBrick Construction Guide – V0.7
Pre-release Public Download
(PDF 8.5MB )






Super Vision Ecobrick-03Generic Ecobrick Poster

We’ve developed this simple and dynamic image to be used either as a printed or digital poster.  The graphic visually explains what to put into an Ecobrick.  Perfect for non-English contexts, areas of low literacy, or for elementary schools.

Full Poster Design PDF (not yet available)
High Resolution PNG (267KB 1275 x1650 )
Low Resolution, Facebook ready PNG (169kb 457 x 566)




VEB Ancestral 7b-05Protect Ancestral Domain Digital Poster

This poster was developed for use in the indigenous communities of the Northern Philippines.  However, its message and call to action is universal!  Ideal for other indigenous communities struggling with protecting their ecological ancestral heritage from the threats of industrial globalization.

Full Color Poster PDF (365k))
Full B&W Poster PDF (385k)
High Resolution JPEG (422k)
Low Resolution, Facebook ready PNG  (400 x 517 – 148kb)






2.1 previewThe Vision Ecobrick Guide Version 2.1

The VEB Guide was released in early 2014.  It was developed over two years of extensive reasearch and application with dozens, then hundreds of schools in the Northern Philippines. The guide presents the urgent environmental context of Ecobricks, the power of Ecobricks to raise  consciousness, and the techniques to both pack and build.   Hundreds of hours of experimentation, observation and conceptual development are put  into seventeen simple and illustrated pages so that you can benefit from all our mistakes and discoveries.  The document is designed to be easily photocopied, emailed and shared.  The VEB Guide is ideal for teachers, principals, community leaders, students organizers and anyone passionate about transcending pollution once and for all.

Vision EcoBricks Guide – V2.1
Old version
(PDF 5.9MB )


Get the Vision Ecobrick Guide

The Open Source VEB Guide was crafted by a team of volunteers to empower schools to transfer pollution into a community solution. Get started today-- no money, tools, equipment or politicians needed!

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