When plastics are littered, burned or dumped, they poison the Earth, Air, and Water. When we save, segregate and pack plastics into bottles, we can make building blocks that can be reused over and over again. Together we can build green spaces that enrich our community and environment.

Ecobricks can build Anything!

Ecobricks can make anything from furniture to baseball bats, to playgrounds to houses. Get some ideas here...

Ecobrick Applications

The Power of Visioning

Vision.  Take Action.  Make it Real. The real solution to pollution is thinking different. Vision Ecobricks give us a place to start imagining, taking action, and building our greenest visions.

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Ecobricks are ideal for collaboratively building public green spaces that serve the community. What better than a forest of food park where children can play amongst themselves and with our fellow species?

“We Burn Plastic!”

carly in action

“WE BURN IT!”   When Ani and Carly asked the room of folks from the village of  Bangli, Bali, Indonesia what they normally do with their plastic wase, the room answered in a loud chorus. There’s a reason we love doing Ecobrick trainings.  In villages like Bangli there simply wasn’t any other course of action […]

Grand Ecobrick Unveiling Jogja


BOOM!  Great news for the planet folks!  Twas an epic day in Jogja for Ecobricking that will now reverberate throughout Indonesia. Several hundred people, a dozen media, and various cities dignitaries joined us for the unveiling of 2500 ecobricks.  Our team of ecobrickers were on hand for a live demonstration of ecobrick modules.  In under […]

Jogja Grand Ecobrick Unveiling Press Release


On June 3rd, at the Taman Gajah Wong Educational Park, Umbulharjo Yogyakarta, 2385 ecobricks made of transformed plastic waste will be unveiled as modular seating, furniture and building blocks.  For the last two months, partners Russell and Ani have worked with the Yogya Environment Agency (YEA), and 405 Bank Sampah community groups to introduce Ecobricks […]

Preparing for the Jogja Grand Unveiling


The ecobricks team was busy in Jogja today.  All our 2385 ecobricks have been turned into modules.  Today we were busy figuring out what we would build with them for our media event on June 3rd.                         It was hard work… but a lot […]

Vision Ecobrick Guide 3.0 Launched!

We’re excited to release the third version of the Vision Ecobrick Guide in both English and Indonesia this week!  Originally launched four years ago in the Northern Philippines, the VEB Guide has come a long way.  This latest version has been revamped from top to bottom to help Ecobrickers around the world train others to […]

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The Open Source VEB Guide was crafted by a team of volunteers to empower schools to transfer pollution into a community solution. Get started today-- no money, tools, equipment or politicians needed!

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